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Upon request we can paint any of our items in the colour you like. But only by Pantone colour swatch!


Yab Design!

  • Yab Design has brought to the world the outstanding creativity, craftsmanship, and quality of 3D statues and replicas.
  • All Yab Design products are hand-crafted treasures, fashioned by skilled artisans utilizing the finest materials available.



We are proud to present our new ‘’WAITER BOT’’ that was inspired by “TESLA BOT”. No effort or materials were spared to get this fantastic outcome, we used special paints and paint techniques to reach this effects. This is the first item from a new series we will make with all the special effects which we present in the near …

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The Manila FAME Exhibit October 2013

The Stand of Yab Design Inc. @ Manila FAME Exhibit October 2013 — bij SMX Convention Center, Mall Of Asia.

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Ya’akov Line

NEW Ya'akov Line Introducing a new line of Yars, inspired by the design and colors of Gaudi. All jars are …

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Dinosaur At  The Fort 6

Another Dinosaur invasion at The Fort

Be amazed of our life size dinosaurs stands before you and catch the excitement of walking with the dinosaurs at …

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